Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Happy Birthday Miss Angelina!

Yup - today is the birthday of our very own ¡GLOBAILE! host - Miss Angelina!

You may know her as the host of the ¡GLOBAILE! webisodes, as well our series Around the World in 6 min! But before all the ¡GLOBAILE! fun began, Miss A broke into the scene as an emcee. She got her start in the underground Hip Hop scene in New York City. Miss A was crowned winner of NYC's "Battle of the Female Rappers" and of the "Most Skilled Female Emcee", and even made a cameo on VH1's short-lived series "The White Rapper Show". But it wasn't long until Miss Angelina began her journey into the realm of World music, right in NYC - the biggest melting pot on the globe.

Inspired by the multiculturalism that surrounded her, she began producing music, rapping over samples of Caribbean, African, Latino, Arabic and Indian rhythms fused with Hip Hop, House and Electronica to make hit songs that appeal to audiences across the globe. Pretty soon, she started choosing the Afro-Latin drum circles over the Hip Hop freestyle cyphers, and knew she had to do her part to promote World music as much as possible.

And so, ¡GLOBAILE! was born.

The show started out as a live event. Each party would feature a live performance from Miss A, as well as a drum circle, a capoeira roda, World music DJs and special guest performances including flamenco, belly dancing, salsa, reggae, and more...While the events were a huge success, Miss Angelina knew that she wanted to reach a global audience, and so ¡GLOBAILE! became a web show, so people around the world could have access to the global entertainment. She enlisted her friend and collaborator, Tony Touch, to take over the DJ duties, and together they filmed 8 feature length episodes for the web, as well as 2 nationwide TV appearances.

Now that ¡GLOBAILE! is up and running with a truly worldwide audience on the Internet, Miss Angelina is returning to her roots as an emcee and artist. She's working on a new EP that will be released on iTunes later this year. She's been working on the project with friend and collaborator Boddhi Satva over in Belgium, and now she's putting the finishing touches on the album here in Miami. You can expect more Hip Hop/House/Global fusion from Miss A on this one...pure fire!

In honor of her birthday, here's a throwback. It's Miss Angelina's first music video shot in Washington Heights NYC, and at her home, the Jersey Shore. Check out her shaved head (years before Amber Rose came along)!!!

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