Monday, January 31, 2011

Boddhi Satva - African Rhythm Master

When it comes to music production, everyone in the underground global dance music scene is talking about one man - Boddhi Satva. He's pioneering his own sound, what he calls "Ancestral Soul", and the world is watching and listening with anticipation and excitement.

Born and raised in the Central African Republic, Boddhi's first introduction to music production happened in 1994 when he was writing, singing and rapping in a Hip-Hop group called Gbekpa Crew. In 2000 he moved to Belgium to further his education, and was slowly seduced by the sounds of Deep House. He began to fuse the native sounds from his homeland in Africa, with the deep rhythm and pace of house music, and created his signature "Ancestral Soul" vibe.

In 2006 he began an extremely influential collaboration with the internationally acclaimed producer Osunlade, and through this mentorship, Boddhi released the Satva Varti Ep under Osunlade's label Yoruba Records. From there, Boddhi caught fire and has won the hearts of the global house underground.

Now signed by world-renowned and Grammy Award winning Louie Vega, Boddhi is set to release his debut album - a double disc jam packed with new material - with Vega Records later this year. In the meantime, you can check out new tracks being released through his own label - Offering Recordings. Offering just released the song On My Way from singer Priss which is currently a top 10 track on Traxsource.

Boddhi himself is a gifted DJ as well, playing all over the world it top party destinations such as Milan, Paris, Amsterdam, New York City, Johannesburg, Ibiza, Tokyo and our very own Miami! If you're in Europe, you can check him out at Stereo Six in Antwerp on Febraury 18th. And after that he'll be back in Miami for WMC 2011!

Our very own Miss Angelina is currently in Belgium working with Boddhi Satva on her debut EP set to be released later this year. Together they are fusing the sounds of Africa, House, Hip Hop, Soul and more global influences to bring you a never-before-heard sound that aims to crossover that deep club sound to the mainstream audience.

Here's a video of a collaboration Boddhi did back in 2008 with the singer/rapper Yuba over in Mali.

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