Sunday, March 21, 2010

Blogger Intro

Hello all Globaile readers! My name is Adriana and I will be blogging (Mondays & Tuesdays) about various topics that I find of interest. I'm a tall and lanky kind of gal, never was a dancer (although I fully intend on taking lessons) but I enjoy the international music vibe as well as all aspects of the entertainment world.

I currently live in LA and am pursuing a print and commercial modeling career. I graduated with a dual degree in Biochemistry and English last May, and work full time for a pharmaceutical company.
Future plans include becoming involved in many artistic projects, especially those of the written word (the artistic domain I prefer), and pursuing law school once I get bored...which is fairly quickly.

In the meantime, I'm trying to travel and learn as much as I can. I am currently picking up Spanish and considering piano lessons. Although I played violin for 10 years I never really loved it...but I'm fickle, so we shall see!

I hope that you all enjoy my rantings here. They will primarily concern literature, music and fashion, with a little of my personal opinions sprinkled throughout.

Glad to be on the team :) Happy Sunday/Monday!

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