Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year from Miami!

Wow - 2010 has been an amazing year!

We started off the year with a BANG with our first nationwide TV appearance on Plum TV, shot here in Miami USA!

Then we kept on rolling with our 2nd nationwide TV appearance on the popular show, American Latino, shot in NYC USA!

From there we had a couple great events at the world famous Winter Music Conference here in Miami, and we started working with a major production comapny in NYC to help us bring ¡GLOBAILE! to TV networks!

And in the meantime, of course, we launched our YouTube series, Around the World in 6 min! We've taken you everywhere from Jamaica to Lebanon to Korea to Egypt to Sierra Leone to Sri Lanka to Sweden and beyond...!

This being our last episode of Around the World in 6 min! for 2010, we thought we'd bring the party back home to Miami USA. Here is a video recap of our last ¡GLOBAILE! event for 2010 - our Art Basel party! Check out our celebration of international flavor in the art world, featuring a DJ set from DeviceRATT, and live performances from Miss Angelina and Illspokinn!

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! See you in 2011.... ;)

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Free Music - New Miss Angelina Mixtape


Our favorite lady rapper - Miss Angelina - has just released a brand new mixtape!

You know her as our animated host of GLOBAILE, and of our YouTube series, Around the World in 6 Min!

Well now she's back with some new music! On this project, Miss A remixes the beats to some of her favorite underground House tracks, and adds her own original vocals. She rhymes, she sings, she harmonizes - all over some of the sickest, deepest House remixes out today!

And it's all FREE!

Go to and download your copy today!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Feliz Navidad, de Puerto Rico!

Happy Holidays!

In honor of the holiday season, we bring you a song from Puerto Rico - Feliz Navidad! No, no - this is not the Feliz Navidad you are familiar with - this is a new take with those classic lyrics.

This version is brought to you by Tito El Bambino - a Reggaeton singer from Puerto Rico. He rose to fame as Tito of the duo Héctor & Tito. Héctor y Tito released their first album in 1998. Together they became reggaeton stars releasing several successful albums and making appearances in several compilations, becoming one of the most sought-out duos in the genre. Both became the first reggeaton artists to sell out a massive concert in Puerto Rico, opening the path to other artists such as Tego Calderón, Daddy Yankee and others.

Then Tito went solo with his first album, Top of the Line. The album was a hit, reaching #1 in Puerto Rico, with collaboration from artists such as Daddy Yankee, Don Omar and Beenie Man. He continues to release albums , and in 2009, he released this song - Feliz Navidad. The video is shot in his native Puerto Rico in the streets of Old San Juan. We love the percussion section!!

LaFee - Germany's Dark Pop

Another case of good girl gone bad....or rather, child star gone to the dark side...? (hello Ms. Aguilera)

LaFee started out performing on German kids' TV shows at the age of 9, back when she was still Christina Klein. She was then discovered by a big music producer, and released her first album at age 16 with her single Prinzesschen (Little Princess) reaching the top of the German charts.

Then came her first English album and the real LaFee showed up: she went from Little Princess to her next single - Shut Up. Damn! She pulled a Britney/Christina/Rihanna and went for the more edgy, naughty approach. And surprise, surprise - it worked. The success of the 2nd album led her on an international tour through Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Here's the video for her song Beweg Dein Arsch. We love this video because it definitely has a distinctly German flavor. It's gothic and dark while neo-classical yet also poppy...

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Nneka - Heartbeat of a Nigerian German

Nneka will stop your heart with her powerful and soulful voice, rich melodies, and captivating lyrics.

Born to a Nigerian father and a German mother, Nneka grew up in the troubled Delta region of Nigeria. At 18, she moved to Hamburg, Germany to study Anthropology, and instead ended up working with Hip Hop producer DJ Farhot. From there she had the opportunity to open for Sean Paul at Hamburg Stadtpark. After much acclaim for that performance, Nneka was given a green light to record her first album.

Her first album, entitled Victim of Truth, was released not only in Germany but also in England, France, Netherlands, Nigeria and Japan. Garnering rave reviews from the media, the UK's Sunday Times later declared it “the year’s most criminally overlooked album”.

In 2008 she released her second album, No Longer at Ease. Most of the songs are political, talking about the plight of the Niger Delta and the corruption in Nneka’s homeland. The lead single from it, Heartbeat, became her first song to break into the German Top 50. In September 2009, the song entered the UK Singles Chart at number twenty.

Here is the video for Heartbeat - and we get chills every time we hear it. This woman is a true talent.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Girls' Generation - Korean Girl Power

WARNING: Reading this post may result in a serious case of Yellow Fever.

Meet Girls' Generation - the 9 member Korean KPop girl group. Now prevsiouly we introduced you to Super Junior - the KPop boy band with 13 members. Well, now it's the ladies turn - and Girls' Generation is reppin' for the females! All NINE of them...

Yes, these Koreans don't play when it comes to pop music. You want to see cute girls singing and dancing - here are 9 who all move, smirk, shake, wink, and tease in perfect unison.

We love KPop most of all because of the super bright color palette. The art direction in this video is totally pop technicolor, and the fashion is adorable and fun.

And who doesn't love watching large groups of people dancing to choreography in unison (e.g. Michael Jackson). This video highlights with the world's obsession with American cheerleaders...

Monday, December 20, 2010

Myriam Fares - Lebanese Gypsy Pop

If we had to compare Myriam Fares to artists in the Western world, we'd say she's a cross between Jennifer Lopez and Shakira. Yup - she's one sexy mama!

Born in a small village in the south of Lebanon, Ms. Fares she participated in the Lebanese Festival for Songs at the age of 16 and won the first prize as the best popular Lebanese singer. From there Fares signed her first record deal with Music Master International, and launched her debut album, Myriam, in 2003.

During her promotional tour for the album in Egypt, she was named "Best Female artist singer" for her video La Tis'alni, and in 2006, one of the leading newspapers in Egypt elected Myriam the best young singer in the Arab world.

At the same time, Myriam was invited to be the first Arab artist who appeared MTV Europe. She was also elected as the best Arab singer to combine a taste of both the west and the east in her style of music.

She's toured worldwide, especially in many Middle Eastern and African countries, and was recently cast in her first acting role as the main actress in the movie remake of the Rahbani's theater play Silina.

So coming back to the comparison: she blends east and west with a gypsy sex appeal - similar to Shakira, and her curvy sensuality has crossed over to the film world - similar to J. Lo. But of course, she does it all an Arab flavor that is all her own....

Friday, December 17, 2010

TRON - Daft Punk gets cinematic

Happy TRON day! Yes, today is the official nationwide US release of the long-aniticiapted Disney film, Tron: Legacy.

There are a few reasons why we CAN'T WAIT to see this film:

1. It's in 3D! Anything in 3D automatically makes it a mandatory trip to the theaters.
2. It's futuristic sci-fi. One of the best genres for fiction films by far.
3. It stars Jeff Bridges. You know - the Dude! He rocks!

And of course, last but not least - Daft Punk has composed the score for the film.

This is not Daft Punk's first time working in the movies. We love their film Interstella 5555, where the French electronic duo paired up with Japanese animators to release a feature length anime film set to Daft Punk music. After that came Electroma, a story about 2 robots on the quest to become human, which the duo starred in and directed, but did not compose music for.

And that brings us to Tron:Legacy. There has been so much buzz about this film and about this score...will it live up to the hype? We think so. Want a sneak preview? Check out this music video from the movie for the Daft Punk song Derezzed.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Bomba Estéreo - "Best New Band in the World"

Yes - that's Bomba Estéreo - the Best New Band in the WORLD.

Well, at least according to MTV Iggy, who awarded the Colombian group with that title earlier this year. Now that is quite an honor! However, Bomba Estéreo is not exactly "new"...

The "electro tropical" group was formed in Bogotá back in 2001, actually. But it wasn't until their second album release in 2008, Estalla, that the band members were solidified, and the group started to generate a buzz.

That buzz lead to Nacional Records releasing Estalla (Blow Up in English) in the US in July 2009 to rave reviews from top publications, taking the group around the world towards international recognition. That summer, the band played New York City’s Bowery Ballroom and Central Park Summerstage, with the New York Times calling the performance, “kaleidoscopic and danceable.” More recently, the band collaborated with Levi’s jeans for their ‘Pioneer Sessions’ program, with the band covering Technotronic’s ‘Pump up the Jam.’

They are currently continuing to tour the world promoting Estalla, while preparing new material for their third album, set to be released in 2011.

So whether they are "new" or not, MTV totally nailed it with this one - WE LOVE THEM! They've got a bunch of great videos, but we especially love the graphics and colors in this video from 2006 for their song Huepaje:

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Njaaya - Senegalese Soul Sister

With their similar background and evocative sound, Njaaya may be Senegal's very own version of Lauryn Hill. From a hip hop start to her current more soulful tracks, this female artist brings emotion to her music that surpasses language barriers.

After starting out with a couple of Africa's biggest rap groups, including Alif - Senegal's first female hip hop group, Njaaya held on to the raw grit from her emcee days, but moved in a more melodic direction with her songwriting. Being a female in the hip hop game is not easy for any of the brave ladies out there fighting the good fight, and so it has been a challenge for Njaaya to rise above the expected codes of femininity in her native Senegal. Luckily, she garnered some attention from the Spanish music scene, and has spent some time touring and building a buzz in the more liberal Spain.

Here is the track Social Living off of her forthcoming album of the same name. It's beautiful mix of afrobeat and soul, and truly reflects the deep energy of a strong woman.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Athena - Turkish Ska Punk

A family that plays together, stays together. Just ask these Turkish punk rockers - the twin brothers Gökhan Özoğuz and Hakan Özoğuz who formed the band Athena.

Garage/ska/punk band Athena released their first album back in 1999, and the title song Holigan was so popular, it was adopted as a march by football (soccer) supporters of all ages at the stadiums. They went on to play with the Rolling Stones and the Beastie Boys, and performed at the Millennium Concert at Taksim Square in Istanbul on the first night of the 2000, which was broadcast live to the world.

After that, they gained such national popularity that they recorded a song for the Turkish National Basketball Team. From there they released 8 more albums and toured all over Europe.

Here's their latest video from October of this year - and the song is currently on the top of the Turkish charts. When you see these twin's infectious energy, you can understand how they wrote anthems for sports teams - Athena gets you PUMPED!

Monday, December 13, 2010

My Heart Goes Hooray! for Bollywood

When I see an amazingly huge choreographed Indian dance number, Dil Bole Hadippa! For all you non-Hindi speaking peeps, that means, "My Heart Goes Hooray!!" - and that is the name of the Bollywood film we are featuring today :)

Dil Bole Hadippa!! is a film about a young woman who pretends to be a man to join an all-male cricket team. The film is loosely inspired from the 2006 American film She's the Man starring Amanda Bynes, which is further adapted from Shakespeare's play Twelfth Night.

The New York Times calls the movie "a fantasy of the Indian heartland, a perfect setting for splashy musical numbers". And isn't that why we watch Bollywood - for splashy musical numbers!!

Check out this super popular song, and the title track from the film - Hadippa (the remix). The beat is killer and the dance moves are sick! We especially love the drum breakdown at the 2:15 minute mark...

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Around the World in 6 min! Episode 8

You can tell a lot about a culture from their music videos...

This week features:

Thai Hip Hop Rocks!

Mexican Pop Singer Farts Butterflies!

Baltimore Clubs BANG!

Jamaican Dance Moves Might Require Condoms...

Czech Version of GLOBAILE?

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Lucie Vondráčková - Check this Czech Chick

Prague is a crazy place.

The absynthe will make you trip. The beer is 30 cents a glass. The gothic architecture is haunting. The pop culture is like grunge meets rave meets rasta. And according to this music video, denim jeans have mystical magical powers.

Enter Lucie Vondráčková. She's a famous singer and actress from Prague, hailing from an already well-known musical Czech family. She speaks Czech, French, and English fluently, and she's been a top selling artist since 1993.

We first fell in love with Lucie during this live performance of her Czech rendition of the song Hero from the movie Footloose. That dance show she is performing on is so GLOBAILE!

And then we found this video from 1995...and it definitely takes the cake!! I love the city scenes - makes me miss Prague! And the choreography in this is AMAZING! Czech it out ;)

Jamaica asks, Do You Dagger?

Jamaicans get it innnnnnn on the dance floor!

Jamaica has one of the biggest club scenes in the world, hands down. The dancehall is where all the slammin' hits are played, and where all the craziest, most sexual dance moves take place. The biggest/most controversial/most well-known dancehall move coming out of Jamaica right now is "daggering". Daggering is basically dry-humping to the most hype, acrobatic,raunchy degree.

Major Lazer made a super popular music video dedicated to daggering, but it is so dirty, that YouTube won't let us put it on our site!

So here's a slightly more tame daggering video for you...Yes, keep in mind - this is the tame version.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Rye Rye Goes Bang Bang!

Look out Nicki Minaj - there is new female rapper on the scene - and she's got skills!

Meet Rye Rye - the 19 year old firecracker from Baltimore's dance-heavy club scene. She got her start through Mad Decent artist Blaqstarr, who arranged a meeting for Rye Rye with M.I.A. and Diplo back in 2006. M.I.A. brought Rye Rye with her on the KALA tour, and since then she has been touted as M.I.A.'s protege.

But if you ask us, Rye Rye has got way more skills then M.I.A. does. Yeah, that's right. She kills it on the dance floor with those B'more dance moves, and her flow is quick, sharp, and powerful.

Nonetheless, she is in fact signed to M.I.A.'s label - N.E.E.T. - and her debut album is set to be released in early 2011. We hope she can shine beyond the indie shadow of her so-called mentor and break deeper into the mainstream. We need more female rappers in the game, and Rye Rye brings a fresh perspective with hype, infectious energy that will take over the clubs.

Check out her dance moves in the Baltimore club video for her song Bang:

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Julieta Venegas farts butterflies

What happens when you voraciously eat flowers? You fart butterflies, of course.

Yes, this is the main plot on visual display in the Julieta Venegas music video Bien o Mal. Now we know she's Mexican, but a music video all about farting? Yes. And that is one of the many reasons why WE LOVE HER.

Julieta Venegas grew up in Tijuana and began studying music at the age of eight. She went on to join several bands, before starting a career on her own. In addition to singing and writing her own songs, she plays instruments including acoustic guitar, accordion, and keyboard. She has sold more than 7 million albums worldwide, won five Latin Grammys, one Grammy, and she just got nominated for a 2011 Grammy for Best Latin Pop Album.

Her style is a bit folky, whimsical and very soulful. Her voice is gorgeous, and there is something in her eyes that draws you in. Oh yeah, and like we said - she makes videos about beautiful women farting butterflies. Check it out:

Monday, December 6, 2010

Thai Hip Hop Rock Fusion

If you are looking for the best Hip Hop out of Thailand, then Joey Boy is your man.

Born into a Thai-Chinese family, Joey Boy started listening to hip hop as a 14 years old skateboarder. His real breakthrough as an artist came years later, in 1995, when Joey Boy began collaborating with multi-platinum Canadian reggae artist, Snow.

That's right - Snow - singer of the 90s classic Informer.

In 1995, Joey Boy flew to Toronto to record Fun, Fun, Fun with Snow and the single went on to become one of the top selling singles in Thailand. The video for Fun, Fun, Fun featured Snow and Joey Boy touring Toronto, and in 1997, Joey Boy appeared on Snow's single, Me and Joey.

Since then, Joey Boy has collaborated with, participated in a Thai Rock Opera, made his film debut, and went on to record 9 albums as a rapper and producer.

Here is a dope Hip Hop Rock fusion video where he collaborates with some fellow Thai rappers - the beat is sickkkkkk!!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Around the World in 6 min! Episode 6

Another week of crazy, weird, awesome, bangin' music videos from around the globe! This week features:

Korean girl group 2NE1 sweeps the MAMA awards

Sierra Leone rappers show you how to do the "Jacky Jacky"

Navegante performs their electronic fusion live for Art Basel Miami Beach

UK Funky dance anthem - nursery rhyme gone Crunk

Lebanon's take on Alice in Wonderland

Friday, December 3, 2010

Yara - Lebanese pop never looked so good

We love this Lebanese beauty - Yara.

She first gained international recognition as the winner of the TV program “Ka'es El Noujoum” (in English, "Cup of Stars"), an Arabic take on American Idol presented on LBC Lebanon. She went on to gain fame as a pop star in her own right, and toured extensively in Jordan, Syria, Egypt, and the Gulf. She has released 3 albums in 3 different Arabic dialects - Egyptian, Lebanese, and Khaliji. We love that international style!

This video for her song Sokkar Zeyadah is trippy! She is definitely not your standard reality TV competition star. In fact this video is stylistically reminiscent of Kanye's recent musical short film Runaway...don't you agree?

Thursday, December 2, 2010

TONIGHT - ¡GLOBAILE! Art Basel Happy Hour

Tonight is the night! Come join us for an evening celebrating multicultural flavor in the art world at one of Miami's sexiest venues! Enjoy an outdoor art installation, live music, DJs and amazing happy hour drink and appetizer specials!

And we're filming everything to live for - so make sure to bring your friends and make your appearance in our video feature!


Jessica Alvarez

5:00pm - DeviceRATT

7:00pm - Illspokinn

8:00pm - Miss Angelina

9:30pm - DJ Manuvers

5:00pm to 9:00pm - $3 beers / $6 martinis / $4 apps

UK dance anthem - Head, Shoulders, Kneez and Toez

This is the week for dance crazes! First we brought you the Jacky Jacky from Sierra Leone, and now it's Head, Shoulders, Kneez and Toez from the UK.

This dance anthem from the group K.I.G. is some more of that UK Funky music that is blowing up over there right now. The BBC calls the song "an embellished nursery rhyme" (basically true) - but the beat is bangin' and this jam stayed at the top of the charts in the UK for a hot minute. There are a ton of DJ remixes and homemade dance videos of the ladies doing their best to "go down low".

Regardless of how infantile the lyrics may be, the video is pretty hilarious. They've got everyone from business men to tribal warriors to midgets to WWF wrestlers gettin' down to this funky beat - and we embrace that kind of universal dancing ;)

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Navegante - LIVE tonight in Miami!

Our homeys Navegante are baaaaaaaaaaaack!

Navegante is an electronic duo from Brooklyn, NY. They fuse all kinds of different sounds into their bangin' music, including house, hip hop, electro, and various Latin rhythms and guitars. Frontman Jean Shepherd is a Miami native - hence all those Latino influences in their music. In fact, their debut album is entirely en Español.

Previously on the blog, we shared their MTV3 article, and featured their newest the EP. This time, duo has moved away from the Spanish language, and brings the listener an even deeper, harder electronic sound to keep your feet moving and your heart thumping! You can download it for FREE here.

Tonight, Navegante will be performing with LCD Soundsystem's Nancy Whang at Bardot for their Art Basel kick-off party. It will be the perfect warm-up for our event at the News Lounge tomorrow!!

To get you in the mood, here's the music video for their song Apariencias off their first album...shot at the legendary Camaradas in Spanish Harlem!