Thursday, September 30, 2010

2nite! Oasis Thursdays at Purdy Lounge

We're back this Thursday night (TONIGHT!) with another sultry edition of Miami's best Global Soul party - Oasis.

Tonight we welcome 2 of Miami's heavyweights - DJ Vidal and DJ Fox.

We sat down with these local house-heads to find out more about them, and see what they have in store for us on the dance floor tonight! Check it out, and I'll see you at Oasis...

Thursday Setember 30th
11pm - ?
Backroom of Purdy Lounge
1811 Purdy Ave - South Beach

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Miami's Own - Cuci Amador

In honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, we bring you another Latino American making a splash!

Today we present to you, Miami's own Cuci Amador.

Señorita Amador is one half of the group Afrobeta - the funky, groovy electro duo that was named the Miami New Times' Best Band of 2010. Now Afrobeta is taking their joyous beats and dazzling live shows across the nation and abroad, including the 40th Anniversary Glastonbury Festival of Contemporary Performing Arts, the 12th annual Ultra Music Festival, Burning Man, Ultra Brazil and Space Ibiza.

In this video, Cuci takes a break from Afrobeta, and joins the Puerto Rican all-stars - Calle 13 - for their homage to the electro sound that is taking over the world.

Over 2.5 million views on YouTube...Are you ready for the Electro Movimiento...?!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Balkan Beat Box - Make Music, Not War

Balkan Beat Box, an Israeli band from NYC, is a group that really transcends categories by creating a new breed of 21st century music that is deeply connected to their folk upbringing, yet forward-thinking - which appeals to audiences across the geographical and stylistic borders.

They established their own unique sound by fusing the musical styles of Mediterranean and Balkan traditions with hip-hop, dancehall beats, and Jamaican dub. Balkan Beat Box’s goal was to take ancient and traditional musical traditions and fuse those with hip-hop in order to create a new mix of musical styles out of the traditional world music context that would appeal to listeners in a club or a dancehall.

We featured a Balkan Beat Box jam in our Off Broadway Show - ¡GLOBAILE! Live at the Zipper Factory. Here is a video from their latest album "Blue Eyed Black Boy".

This video is an awesome cartoon adventure that speaks on the ongoing Israel-Palestine conflict. MAKE MUSIC - NOT WAR!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Hispanic Heritage Month: Sept 15 - Oct 15

It's National Hispanic Heritage Month!

Hispanic Heritage Month is the period when people recognize the contributions of Hispanic Americans to the United States and to celebrate Hispanic heritage and culture.

At first, when I found out that it was Sept 15 - Oct 15, I thought, WTF? We can't get an actual month? They gotta go ghetto and only give us half of 2 months?

But then I did some research, and apparently, September 15 was chosen as the starting point for the celebration because it is the anniversary of independence of five Latin American countries: Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua. They all declared independence in 1821. In addition, Mexico, Chile and Belize celebrate their independence days on September 16, September 18 and September 21, respectively.

OK - fair enough.

In honor of this celebratory time, here is a video from an amazing Hispanic American - Tito Puente.

Tito Puente, a Puerto Rican American from Spanish Harlem, is internationally recognized for his enormous and significant contributions to Latin music as a bandleader, composer, arranger, percussionist, and mentor. Popularly known as the “El Rey del Timbal” and the “King of Mambo”, he recorded more than 100 albums, published more than 400 compositions, and won five Grammy awards.

Check out this video of him jamming out in the South Bronx in the 1970s...amazing!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Dam-Funky Full Moon

Today is a big day.

It's the full moon. It's the Autumn Equinox. It's Dam-Funk.

Our experts on the stars tell us that this particular Full Moon in Aries is very powerful as it is at 0 degrees. It’s giving you a blank canvas to move forward in your life. Whatever has become stale or old in your life can now go, stop focusing on it, and start to put your attention into moving forward and not resisting the changes ahead of you.

This Full Moon in Aries can renew your faith and infuse you with a new zest and vitality for life. Take advantage of its energy and decide that you will stop procrastinating, you will move ahead, fearlessly into a new chapter in your life. For the Northern Hemisphere it marks the beginning of Autumn and in the Southern Hemisphere it coincides with the Spring equinox. No matter where you are in the world, the seasons are changing and so must you.

Join hundreds of Miami locals in celebrating the forward movements at the Full Moon Drum Circle tonight - on the beach at 79th St. and Collins.

Another way to celebrate your zest for life is with Dam-Funk - the West Coast electro funk master performs live at The Vagabond in Miami tonight. Know as LA's "ambassador of boogie funk", Dam-Funk is like Rick James, Prince, and Snoop Dogg all rolled into one funky ass man. His style is certainly intergalactic, and therefore another perfect way to celebrate today's strong cosmic energies.

In honor of the sun, moon and stars - here is a groovy track from Dam-Funk, Sunsets.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

African Reggae Fever

We got the fever...that African Reggae fever - catch it, catch it!

Ghanaian Reggae star Rocky Dawuni brings us a fire track - African Reggae Fever - from his album "Hymns For The Rebel Soul". This new 11 song album was inspired and written over the course of his travels around the world - particularly Israel, Finland, Jamaica, U.S. and Ghana - in his quest to articulate and craft a record that reflected the common spiritual, political and social aspirations of ordinary folks around the world. Rocky sees this album as a musical exploration in global consciousness.

We love the message in African Reggae Fever: for all people of all nations in the African Diaspora, to unite as one.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

September 21 - PEACE DAY

Today, September 21st, is the UN International Day of Peace, a day of global ceasefire and non-violence: Peace Day.

To some it’s just a single day. But to us, September 21st is a 24 hour-long platform for life-saving activities around the world and an opportunity for individuals - particularly young people - to become involved in the peace process.

In 1999, preoccupied with questions about the fundamental nature of humanity and the most pressing issues of our time, filmmaker Jeremy Gilley launched Peace One Day and set out to find a starting point for peace. He had a mission: to document his efforts to establish the first ever annual day of global ceasefire and non-violence with a fixed calendar date.

Remarkably, two years later, he achieved his primary objective when the 192 member states of the United Nations unanimously adopted September 21st as an annual day of global ceasefire and non-violence on the UN International Day of Peace. We call that day Peace Day.

Now the next major objective is to introduce 3 billion people to Peace Day by 2012. To do it, we need the help of all people regardless of age, race, nationality, religion or gender; people who are willing to stand up for peace.

We join Jeremy in his remarkable journey to stand up for peace!

Please, watch this video that documents Jeremy's journey, and shows the enormous importance of having a global day of peace.


Monday, September 20, 2010

Bollywood Bikini Babes

Indian women aren't exactly known for showing a lot of skin. So when the press releases came out that actress Kareena Kapoor was going to be donning a designer bikini in the Bollywood film Tashan, it caused quite a tizzy in the Indian media.

Here is the music video from Tashan in which the famous bikini makes its appearance. We love this video not so much for the bikini (we Westerners are used to skin), but because it is Indian Bollywood, shot in Greece - a perfect fusion of East meets West. Now that's GLOBAILE! Beautiful scenery, beautiful women, beautiful dancing - enjoy ;)

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Earthdance - a peace celebration in 50+ countries

This weekend is Earthdance - the worldwide music festival for peace!

Earthdance International joins participants worldwide through the universal languages of music, art and dance to enable the growth of an international community addressing peace, sustainability and social justice.

Aligned with the United Nations International Day of Peace on September 21, Earthdance is the first and largest synchronized music and dance festival in the world, working with over 70 countries to find solutions toward a socially just and environmentally sustainable Culture of Peace.

Who doesn't love to party for a good cause?! The festivals all have great live music , DJs, workshops, and a worldwide synchroized Prayer for Peace.

Click here to find an Earthdance celebration near you.

If you can't make it, check out, a live stream of all the Earthdance celebrations happening in over 50 countries around the world!

We will be hitting up the Earthdance festivities here in Miami featuring some of our favorite local acts! Miami's very own DJ Stell*R will be blessing the party with some Healing Conscious Dance Music, incorporating Bowl Singling, Mantra Chanting and Chackra Opening/Balancing sounds in his set. For a little taste, check out this mix:

Friday, September 17, 2010

¡GLOBAILE! Podcast September 2010

It's FREE MUSIC FRIDAY!! And this week the free music is coming directly from us! It's another monthly edition of the ¡GLOBAILE! podcast.

This month we packed our podcast full of music you can DANCE to! We've got tunes from 10 different countries, including Salsa, Reggae, Samba, Bhangra, Hip Pop, Deep House, Reggaeton, and more...All mixed by our host, Miss Angelina.

Download and Subscribe here - or in iTunes.

Listen here:

Track List:

(listed by: SONG - ARTIST - COUNTRY)

Beat of Life - Miss Angelina - Miami USA

Turn Me On - Black Coffee - South Africa

Papi Chulo - Lorna - Panama

Say Ay Ay Ay - Sean Paul & Tony Touch - Jamaica/NYC USA

Soul Makossa - Manu Dibango - Cameroon

Viradouro - Samba Enredo - Brazil

Phulkaari - K.S. Makhan - Punjab

Quimbara - Celia Cruz - Cuba

Arrab Habibi - Tamer Hosny - Egypt

Lollipop - Big Bang - Korea

Tristesse/ Joie - Yelle - France

Techno Cumbia - Selena - Mexico/USA

Internacional - Brazilian Girls - NYC USA

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Worldwide Rap - Hip Hop in 29 languages

76 artists. 29 languages. 19 tracks. 1 mixtape. Welcome to Worldwide Rap.

The Worldwide Rap album is the brainchild from German producer/rapper, LMNZ. LMNZ had the vision to produce a Hip-Hop album that brings the world closer, a multilingual Hip-Hop album without a limit to musical influence. Musicians with different styles from diverse backgrounds fused together.

The influences range from jazz, soul, blues and salsa to Arabic and Chinese music and the texts do not follow the cliché image of hip hop displayed in today’s media. The album tells of war, societal ills and problems, but also of love, funny daily situations and inspiration. 76 artists from all over the world, who sing and rap in 29 different languages to realize the vision of a worldwide album.

29 languages:
Japanese, Hebrew, German, Swedish, Portuguese, Bulgarian, Turkish, Russian, Dutch, Italian, French, Wolof, Bosnian, Africaans, Spanish, Norwegian, Korean, Persian, Czech, Arabic, Lugaflow, Sanskrit, English, Singhalese, Greek, Diola, Lingala, Patois, Albanian

A bunch of our homeys and collaborators are on this album! Take a listen:

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

"President" Jay Chou - the Taiwanese singer that does it all

No, that's not Harold and he's not going to White Castle.

Meet Jay Chou - a Taiwanese musician, singer, composer, film producer, actor, director, and major heartthrob. This man does it all, and does it well. In fact, this man is such a boss in China, that they have nicknamed him "President Chou".

He has won the World Music Award four times, and is well-known for not only composing all his own songs, but songs for many other Chinese singers as well.

He regularly fuses traditional Chinese instruments and styles with R&B or rock to form a new genre called "Zhongguo feng", which literally means "China wind", sometimes written in the Pentatonic Scale as opposed to the normal seven-note scale (Diatonic Scale) to accentuate an oriental style. He has also incorporated other sounds from around the globe, including Spanish guitar, American techno/electronica, Rap, classical music, and Bossanova style, to name a few. Chou combines many music styles to produce songs that fuse R&B, rock and pop genres, covering issues such as domestic violence, war, and urbanization.

In 2000 Chou released his first album, titled Jay, and since then he has released one album per year (except in 2009), selling more than 28 million albums worldwide up to 2010! His music has gained recognition throughout Asia, most notably in regions such as Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia, India, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam and in overseas Asian communities, winning more than 20 awards each year.

He also won the "Best Newcomer Actor" in the Golden Horse Awards and Hong Kong Film Awards for his work in film. He directed music videos for 4 of the 12 songs in own album, "November's Chopin" in 2005, and by 2006 he had taken responsibility for the storyboard, directing, and editing of music videos for all his songs.

Daaaaamn! Talk about a man who is on his hustle!

Jay Chou, will you marry me?

Check out this dope Martial Arts inspired music video where he raps with his signature easy, smooth flow. And of course, he directed the video and acts and dances in it...Be still my heart!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Bboys of the World Unite in the Netherlands

In just a couple weeks is the 10th edition of The Notorious IBE. The IBE (International Breakdance Event) brings amateur and professional dancers, DJs, emcees and other players in Hip Hop dance culture from around the globe all together in one immense 3-day festival.

This year the festival presents about a total of 30 different dance programs, such as BBoying, Popping, Locking, New Style & Hip Hop.

Expected highlights in the program include the European qualification for the UK BBoy Championships World Finals, The BGirl Crew Battle and the highly anticipated All Battles All. This year the All Battles All will feature some of the best dancers of the past 10 IBE years.

Check out their dope promo trailer. It really captures the energy of the festival atmosphere! We love seeing so many young people from around the world coming together to have fun and inspire each other to greatness!

Friday, September 10, 2010

FREE Music Friday - from France!

Free Music Friday From France

Wow - my alliteration today is on point!

Today we bring you more musique from France. Madames et monsieurs, we present to you - Yelle.

Yelle is an electro pop group known for catchy tunes, colorful clothes, and tecktonik beats that bring the 80's back with a 21st century spin. The group really won me over with this music video for their most popular song, Je Veux Te Voir. I ♥ the colorful fashion and silly spirit of the video - this chick is fierce! YouTube won't let me embed it :( So click the link and go peep it!

And of course, here is your FREE music! The band releases new podcasts every month, mixed by themselves and friends. I love multi-talented women in the music industry, so here is a mix from the lead singer herself! For more mixes, check out their site.


Thursday, September 9, 2010

K'naan - New Millenium Global Artist

First and foremost - K'naan is dope.

More specifically, K'naan is a Somali emcee with a global sound influenced by everything from Bob Marley to Eminem to Ethiopian jazz. His music is urban, african, raw, lyrical, hype, funky and fresh.

His conscious lyrics avoid the typical American gangsta rap clichés and posturing, and instead shed light about the situation in his homeland of Somalia, calling for an end to violence and bloodshed.

He has a vast international reach, that was further spread by his tune "Wavin' Flag" - the official song for the 2010 FIFA World Cup, which went #1 in 16 countries!

He was recently featured in an ABC News article as a up-an-coming artist beating the stigma of "World Music".

Jason King, an associate professor at New York University's Clive Davis Department of Recorded Music, says "I definitely think he has the potential to be one of the biggest emcees in the business because he does represent the next age of hip-hop which in my opinion is globally conscious hip-hop."

We think so too! Check out this video of his song "Soobax" off his first album, "The Dusty Foot Philosopher", shot in his homeland of Somalia. The beat is crazy!

Friday, September 3, 2010

New Music from Navegante - FREE download!


This week we offer you the latest EP from one of our favorite bands - Navegante.

We featured Navegante on the ¡GLOBAILE! blog last month. Click here to read all about their Latin/Electro/Punk fusion sound.

I still bump the first Navegante album all the time - can't wait to put this new EP into heavy rotation! Do yourself a favor and download this today!

Click here to get your FREE MUSIC!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Tecktonik - the French dance that has taken over the world

Tecktonik is the dance fad that has taken over the world.

Don't believe me? Never heard of it? This amateur Tecktonik dance video got over 14 million hits on YouTube, while this French remix video got over 20 million hits.

So...what is Tecktonik?

Tecktonik (TCK), also called Milky Way or Electro Dance, is a type of street dance performed to fast-paced techno and electro house music from Northern Europe. It is based on a blend of different dance styles, such as Disco, Vogue, Waacking, Hip-Hop and Freehand Glowsticking - all done with a big emphasis on arm movements. It started in the 2000s originating from Paris, France and has grown around the world.

The Tecktonik style is distinguished by skinny pants, above-the-ankle sneakers, flashy colors splayed on tight T-shirts and futuristic haircuts that merge mullets with Mohawks.

We found Tecktonik dance videos shot everywhere from Korea to Russia to Italy to the Czech Republic and beyond. Here is one of our favorites: