Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Bollywood Beauty - Aishwarya

It must be tough being "the most beautiful woman in the world".

Just ask Aishwarya - the Indian beauty and former Miss World winner. She has starred in over 40 movies including a number of International productions, was chosen by Time magazine as one of the World's "100 Most Influential People, and has often been referred to as the most beautiful woman in the world. Whoa.

Here is a video clip from one of her Bollywood films, Dil Ka Rishta - "Dayya Dayya Dayya Re".

Monday, August 30, 2010

Korean Pop in Technicolor

We love all the super bright fashion that has been coming out of Asian countries like Japan, China, and Korea. Their colorful style is just like Miss Angelina's fashion line, hiLITErz! Check out the ¡GLOBAILE! feature on hiLITErz in our Season Finale episode.

This video "Lollipop" brings together 2 of Korea's big pop groups - 2NE1 and Big Bang - for a super fun, funky, candy-coated bilingual pop music video :)

Friday, August 27, 2010

Passport 2 Global Sound - Brazil


Our good friends and fellow globe trotters, DJ Anonyms One and The Magajiva, have just released the latest episode from their radio show, Passport 2 Global Soul. Just like ¡GLOBAILE!, each of their episodes focuses on music from a different country around the world.

In this episode, the guys are all about Brazil. Here's what Anonyms has to say about their latest installment:

"Brazil. The country synonymous with beauty. Whether it's beautiful women, beaches, dance or even style of soccer, Brazil always sparks an interest that makes it one of the premiere destinations in the world. Musically, it's impossible to cover all in one show, but the mixes include a glimpse of the various styles. The show includes an interview with Seu Jorge via Sire Esquire as well as guest dj sets from DVNT and Mr.Brown. Enjoy!"

Passport 2 Global Sound Episode #4 - Brazil by AnonymsOne

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Miami's BEST Global Soul Music

It is going down TONIGHT in South Beach! Purdy Lounge welcomes back the best Global Soul dance party in Miami - Oasis.

¡GLOBAILE! did a feature for Plum TV on Oasis and Miami's Global Soul movement - click here to check it out.

Tonight, Shade will kick off the evening with his signature groovy, jazzy, tropical Florida style. He will get things nice and warm for the dancers before handing the wheels over to tonight's headliner - Bradford James of NYC's Seed Recordings.

Saraswati Miami has featured other Seed Recordings artists at Oasis, such as Ezel and Oveous Maximus. These guys brought the heat, so we expect nothing less from Bradford James. And after the party's 3 week hiatus, the dancers are ready to BRING IT on the dance floor. I can guarentee tonight will be a night to remember! Don't miss it!

See you there...

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Chico Mann - music without borders

I had the pleasure of sharing the stage with Chico Mann a couple years back in New York City and have been a fan of his Afro/Latin/Dance/Retro/Electro/Funk style ever since.

The group's founder and front man, Marquitos Garcia, has been described as "the Jersey City Cuban James Brown of the Casio". He is also the guitarist for another great Afrobeat band - Antibalas - the group behind the new Broadway musical Fela!

Here is a very ¡GLOBAILE! style music video from Chico Mann - featuring footage of people dancing all around the world. Dance is universal mi gente! Ya yo se!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Full Moon Drum Circle on the Beach - TONIGHT!

Tonight is the full moon!

What does it mean?

In a Full Moon, the Moon is opposite the Sun in the sky from our vantage point, requiring us to bring into balance the polarity of two opposing astrological signs. With tonight's full moon, we have the Sun, which just moved into Virgo, and the Moon which has just moved into Pisces.

Pisces, as Virgo's opposite, lives in the realm of Spirit and ideals rather than the mundane. Where Virgo is concerned with matters of the body, Pisces opens the door to the worlds that lie within the soul and psyche. Where Virgo is practical and teaches us to create order, Pisces longs to transcend everyday reality and ascend into more soulful experiences. With this opposition we must learn to create balance and integration. There is a need to go deeper and confront any blocks that stand in our way on the journey between the physical reality (Virgo) and the spiritual one (Pisces).

Click here to read more about the astrological meaning of tonight's full moon.

How can we celebrate?

One of my favorite things about living in Miami Beach is the Full Moon Drum Circle.

Every month, on the night of the full moon, about 200 people congregate on the beach and play drums, twirl fire, dance, swim, drink, smoke, laugh and act like a bunch of heathens. It's fantastic!

The party happens on the beach on Collins Ave, between 85th St and 79th St. Check out these pics I took at the drum circle, and the video all the way at the bottom, to catch the vibe...

See you there!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Shakira is so GLOBAILE!

In our opinion, Shakira is the most GLOBAILE pop artist in the world today! She is always fusing music and dance from different cultures in a sexy, fun style that everyone can relate to.

And so of course, when the people of the globe came together in South Africa for The World Cup, Shakira was the featured artist! She collaborated with South African group Freshly Ground to create a catchy tune with both African, and her own Latino influences.

We were so excited about the World Cup this year especially because Americans finally got more involved with the rest of the world and tuned in! I caught World Cup fever for sure - and this video brings back good memories!!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Ranin - Pop Music from Egypt

We're highlighting the Middle East today with a sexy music video from singer, Ranin. Ranin is a Palestinian pop star living in Egypt. We love the use of color in this music video, the luscious vocal harmonies in the song, and the amazing percussion in the beat. Enjoy...

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Capoeira Maculelê

I recently took a capoeira class and it was amazing! Capoeira is an Afro-Brazilian art form that combines elements of martial arts, music, and dance. I have been a fan of capoeira for years, so it was a big treat to go to my first class!

The studio I went to specializes in Maculelê, (Pronounced: mah-koo-leh-LEH), a style of capoeira where a number of people gather in a circle called a roda. In the roda, each person brandishes a pair of long sticks, called grimas, traditionally made from biriba wood from Brazil. As the Maculelê rhythm plays on the atabaque, the people in the circle begin rhythmically striking the sticks together. The leader sings, and the people in the circle respond by singing the chorus of the songs.

After having such a great class, I did some web surfing and found this amazing video of capoeira Maculelê - it is so energetic and lively! I love the fusion of percussion with dance!

Check it out!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Moving collage to a Latin beat

We are loving all the innovative things being done with video right now!

Here is another music video that uses unconventional techniques. Using original photography shot in Cuba, the story of life in the ghetto unfolds before your eyes almost as a moving collage.

The song is from American producer RJD2. We love it because the vocalist is singing about Istanbul, in German, to a Latin beat, while the video is in Cuba. Now that's GLOBAILE!!

Check it out!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The New Miami Scene

Remezcla.com - a website devoted to Latin music and culture in the US - recently posted this video called "The New Miami Scene".

A couple comments:

1. The video features our friends! Suénalo, Xperimento, and Afrobeta - 3 of the dopest bands in Miami!

2. These bands and this scene aren't exactly "new", but people are finally starting to take notice of Miami and what this city has to offer musically...

Check out the video - and support Miami music!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Emerging Face of a Nationless World

"I believe that the greatest and most real source of hope that we have today is the fact that the distances that once existed between continents, countries, and cultures is dissapearing; the fact that the people of the world stand closer together than ever before..." - Jie-Song Zhang

More than anything else we have discovered, this short film created by the aforementioned Jie-Song Zhang, clearly illustrates the mission of ¡GLOBAILE! - to bring people of the world together through common interests, specifically music.

In this video, our friends and collaborators in New York City tell their tale of embodying a global attitude. Yalini Dream, a talented dancer/entertainer from Sri Lanka, is one of the featured artists in this video. We showcased Yalini Dream in ¡GLOBAILE! Episode 4 - Spotlight on Asia...check it out!

This film is what the 21st century is ALL ABOUT. Please do yourself a favor and watch the whole thing...Enjoy!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Art in Motion from Haifa, Israel

Here is a cutting edge stop motion music video from Broken Fingaz - a graffiti/illustration/graphic design crew from Haifa, Israel.

The song featured in the video is a remix of the song "Let It" by MeLo-X. MeLo also produced our ¡GLOBAILE! theme song that plays in the opening credits of every episode...!

This video is the future! We hope you are as inspired by this as we are...

Thursday, August 12, 2010

FREE Music - Champion Sound MIA

More free music! Isn't the internet great? :-D

Here is a special summer mix from our friends at Champion Sound. This mix includes over 80 minutes of downtempo, reggae, house, hip-hop & brazilian vibes from some of Miami's finest DJs:




Mr. Brown

Sire Esq.

Check out the mix, and for more info on Champion Sound, check out their blog.

ChampionSoundSummerMix by CHAMPION SOUND MIA

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Events - TONIGHT! - 08/11/2010

There are a few special events going on tonight that we want to share with you!

If you are in NEW YORK CITY:

Please go and support this fundraiser event for our friend Vintaj. He was one of our Baile! Baile! Contest Winners in ¡GLOBAILE! Episode 3: Spotlight on India. Vintaj recently passed away, and his loss has been felt throughout the dance community. He was a wonderful dancer, friend, and promoter/supporter of dance culture. There is a fundraiser in his honor at Sin Sin tonight in NYC - go out and dance and celebrate Vintaj!

If you are in FORT LAUDERDALE:

Another one of our talented Baile! Baile! Contest Winners - Shade - is teaching a House/Freestyle dance class in Ft. Laudy tonight! Taboo Sessions have been off the hook lately! Miss Angelina will be there to get it in - come join us!

If you are in MIAMI:

There is some dope World music fusion happening at Buck 15 tonight. Alerta Kamarada, a Reggae style band from Colombia, will be playing live!

Here's a taste of their musical style:

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Navegante - US band with a Latin fusion sound

Meet Navegante - a cutting edge duo of musicians that is redefining music genres with their fusion of many sounds and cultures into one slick style. They recently played a show in New York City that was covered by MTV3. Here's a snippet from their blog:

"Born in the Bronx, to Puerto Rican and Peruvian parents, front man Jean Shepherd was raised in Miami and later Brooklyn. Todas estas influencias son evidentes en la música de Navegante, which finds inspiration in various styles ranging from 70’s salsa, to jazz, hip hop, rock, cumbia, and those heart thumping 808 drums.

He introduced this rhythmic Miami beat to Wash, a Brooklyn native who’s joined him for the past two years in bringing an eclectic and very danceable mix of sounds to the stage.

As far as their lyrics, well, Navegante is all about sharing their perspective on the daily human experience in a multi-cultural society. Algunas veces hablan de superar una dificultad, another song might touch on the life of a single mother, what it means to be in love, or even the recent immigration debate that’s happening with SB 1070. But at the core of it all, solo quieren hacernos bailar"

To read more, check out the full coverage on the MTV3 blog.

Here is a video of Navegante performing live - enjoy!

Navegante @ Celebrate Brooklyn from Derek Beres on Vimeo.

Monday, August 9, 2010

New Music from Mali, Africa

Here is a fresh musical selection from our friend Boddhi Satva.

Boddhi is an incredible DJ/producer from the Central African Republic. He has developed quite a name for himself around the world with his Ancestral Soul remixes and creations.

Here is a music video shot in Mali of a song mixed by Boddhi - "Ah Ndiyah" - featuring singer Oumou Sangaré.

For more music and dance from Mali and other regions of Africa, check out ¡GLOBAILE! Episode 6 - Spotlight on Africa.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

New Music Genre - UK Funky

We are loving the new music coming out of the UK! This new genre - UK Funky - is like a combination of house, electronic, funk and soul - so fun to dance to!

Here is the UK Funky song of the day - "Sexy Sexy". Shouts out to Shade for introducing us to this sexy selection!

Friday, August 6, 2010

¡GLOBAILE! - Live in NYC

¡GLOBAILE! was originally created by host Miss Angelina as a live event in New York City in 2007. At the time, there were successful Afrobeat, Salsa, Bhangra, Arabic, Reggae and Samba parties all happening. But Miss A wanted to bring all those sounds and all those people together in one room; hence - ¡GLOBAILE! was born.

Here is a compilation video from a live ¡GLOBAILE! event in an Off Broadway theater in NYC. You get a taste of Latin Dance, Tap Dance, Belly Dance, Rollerskating, African Drumming, and live music from Miss Angelina & the Mamacitas! Check it out:

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Dancing in the Rain - Art in Motion

A friend suggested that I check out this video on YouTube of 4 guys in the hood dancing in the rain on a street corner. To be honest, I expected more of the same - some typical Bboy footage with guys showing off lots of tricks and moves.

I was wrong.

These young men are dancers. They have rhythm, grace, artistry, and style. Their movement is universal, with American, Asian, and Brazilian influences.

Even though the sun is shining in Miami, this almost makes me wish it was a rainy day...

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Agape ft. Nadia Harris - New Music Video

There are some really great world fusion bands coming out of Miami right now - Suenalo, Spam Allstars, Locos Por Juana, and Xperimento to name a few.

One of my absolute favorites at the moment is Agape featuring Nadia Harris. They mix Latin, Reggae, Jazz, Funk, Soul - all into one amazing fresh sound.

We just featured a song off their new EP - "If Love" - on the GLOBAILE podcast.

Here is a new music video for another song off of their EP - "She Really Likes It".

The EP is available for download in the iTunes music store.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

FREE Music!

Today we have FREE music for you from 2 of GLOBAILE's featured artists: Tony Touch and Nina Sky.

We featured these dynamic Latino musicians in ¡GLOBAILE! Episode 7: Spotlight on Puerto Rico.

Click here to download Nina Sky's new EP: The Other Side.
The free download is only available for a limited time - so grab it NOW!

Click here to download a free house mix from Tony Touch.
Tony's weekly house music party in New York City, The Funk Box, is the place to be! Catch the flavor with this free mix.

Monday, August 2, 2010

¡GLOBAILE! Podcast August 2010

After a brief hiatus - we are BACK with the ¡GLOBAILE! podcast. This month's episode is mixed by host Miss Angelina and features new music from Spain, Senegal, Brazil, France, Egypt, Chile, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, India, and Miami USA.

Visit http://globaile.podomatic.com to download this mix.

Visit the iTunes store to subscribe.

Click the player below to listen.


Naita - Ojos de Brujo - Spain

Boomerang - Daara J - Senegal

Somos Assim - Zajazza, Hired G, Rabbi D, UR$ Fundao - Brazil / USA

J'veux d'la Musique - Les Nubians - France

Leih Bedari Kedah - Roubi - Egypt

1977 - Ana Tijoux - Chile

I've Got Your Man - Lady Saw - Jamaica

Nunca Mais - Zuco 103 - Brazil

Aye Que Rico - Eddie Palmieri - Puerto Rico

Universal Traveller - Air - France

Kuch Kuch Hota Hai - India

If Love - Agape - Miami, USA

Come Away - Miss Angelina - Miami, USA

We're baaaaaaack!

We took a quick summer vacation from the blog to handle some behind the scenes business...but now we're BACK! And it's time to kick it into high gear!

Here in Miami, whenever we need to take it up a notch - we drink cafe con leche (Latino coffee). So here is the song of the day - a musical pick me up! We heard this song at a Bboy battle this weekend and it got the room full of hundreds of people HYPE! Here we go here we go!