Sunday, May 2, 2010

moving in pictures without moving

I've been an awful blogger.
I claim that I will be posting Mon&Tues, yet almost nothing has come out of my own writing for weeks!
I do apologize; I've been caught up with a ton of things and I've FINALLY gotten one weekend to myself to do some well-deserved catching up and relaxing.

As one of my first posts on here, I'd like to share with you some dance photography that captures movement perfectly, without actually showing the dance. Fascinating work.

Also, the fashion for different types of dance? It has been incorporated into everyday wear.
For example:
Spanish. The ruffles are in now, as is the hairstyle, and the sexiness never left the building.

Ballet. Flats are never going away, and perfect posture with confidence is what makes any model a supermodel.

Also the whimsical, free flowing chiffon skirts, pastel tops...I just want to be a dancer.

nothing needs to be said.

All photos from Google. None are mine nor do I claim copyright.

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