Wednesday, April 14, 2010

¡GLOBAILE! Podcast - Episode 4

This week have a special post WMC mix from Miami's rising star - Shade.

Click HERE to listen.

Here's what Shade has to say about his love of music:

"My first loves name was “dance”, and South Florida is where I discovered the missing pieces to my own puzzle. While perusing my degree at the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale, I experienced the MIAMI culture. Miami’s strong Hip-Hop culture collided with the Latin influence of Salsa, the freedom of house music and the explosive yet smooth movements of Capoeira. All these diverse avenues are the vital influences to the development of my Freestyle Art Form.

I’m a dancer at heart, but I express myself with many forms of media. As a video producer/editor, a Deejay/Entertainer, special events coordinator and co-founder of SHADESOFREDD clothing, I use my professional experience to help bridge the gap between the passionate underground and the forever changing, always growing music of today.

As an independent artist with many forms of media at hand, my goal is to help influence the upcoming generations and educate the world about music culture. Music has been a positive influence on my life, and sharing my love and passion for music and movement, with the world, is what I aspire to do."

To learn more about Shade and see some dope videos of his smokin' hot dance moves, check out

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