Thursday, April 8, 2010

Spotlight on Dominican Republic: Ezel

Tonight at Oasis, we are proud to present DJ/Producer Ezel. In honor of his guest appearance tonight, Ezel sat down with Ivan Diaz of Saraswati Miami right after the Winter Music Conference to discuss Ezel’s inspirations and what he plans on doing in the next 5 years. Here's a sneak preview of what was said...

Hailing from the Domincan Republic, DJ/Producer Ezel is quickly climbing his way up the ladder of musical success. Starting off his career as an organ player in his church when he was 16 years old, Ezel has continued to follow his passion for music and it shows in his remixes and productions. His album Secreto, due out this summer, is a beautiful mix of organic Afro rhythms mixed with R&B and Soul.

ID: Here at Saraswati, in our blog, music, and events we promote Global Soul. When was the first time you discovered or put onto Global Soul?

EZEL: I always had a Global Soul mentality. Put in terms of making it part of my own music. It wasn’t until I was asked to do my album, Secreto that I discovered what Global Soul is. During the two years it took me make Secreto I discovered the Global in my music. Since I wasn’t given no rules or guide lines in making Secreto I was able to discover the Global Soul in my sound.

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