Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Worldwide Rap - Hip Hop in 29 languages

76 artists. 29 languages. 19 tracks. 1 mixtape. Welcome to Worldwide Rap.

The Worldwide Rap album is the brainchild from German producer/rapper, LMNZ. LMNZ had the vision to produce a Hip-Hop album that brings the world closer, a multilingual Hip-Hop album without a limit to musical influence. Musicians with different styles from diverse backgrounds fused together.

The influences range from jazz, soul, blues and salsa to Arabic and Chinese music and the texts do not follow the clich√© image of hip hop displayed in today’s media. The album tells of war, societal ills and problems, but also of love, funny daily situations and inspiration. 76 artists from all over the world, who sing and rap in 29 different languages to realize the vision of a worldwide album.

29 languages:
Japanese, Hebrew, German, Swedish, Portuguese, Bulgarian, Turkish, Russian, Dutch, Italian, French, Wolof, Bosnian, Africaans, Spanish, Norwegian, Korean, Persian, Czech, Arabic, Lugaflow, Sanskrit, English, Singhalese, Greek, Diola, Lingala, Patois, Albanian

A bunch of our homeys and collaborators are on this album! Take a listen:

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