Monday, February 21, 2011

Around the World in 6 min! Episode 17

¡Saludos de Puerto Rico!

Sí sí - after 3 weeks in Europe, we're here in Puerto Rico soaking up the sun, and shooting footage for GLOBAILE!

We've been so busy that we haven't gotten a chance to blog this week - lo siento! But Miss Angelina is here with her weekly edition of Around the World in 6 min! - our weekly YouTube show bringing you music videos from around the world.

Here's Episode 17 - shot right here on the beach in Puerto Rico!

And since we didn't blog this week, here's a little info about each of the artists we featured on the show, as well as their full-length videos for you to enjoy...

Pitbull ft Afrojack - Maldito Alcohol

One of our favorite Miami Cubanos, Pitbull, joins forces with Dutch DJ/producer, Afrojack, for another one of Pitbull's signature House/Hip Hop dance tunes. The Netherlands has a big electronic music scene (covered last week on the blog), and Afrojack is one of the DJs right at the helm of the scene. He was listed as number 19 on DJ MAG's top 100 DJs of 2010.

Tony Touch - Dimelo

We always love our GLOBAILE DJ - Tony Touch! Not only is he the mixtape king, a Hip Hop DJ legend, and a dope emcee, but he always reps for Puerto Rico! And of course, he always reps for GLOBAILE :) Check out this Tony Toca video with cameos from Crazy Legs, John Leguizamo, Gilbert Godfried, and more...

Systema Solar - Bienvenidos

Systema Solar is a musical-visual collective from the Caribbean coast of Colombia. They recycle the afro Caribbean and folkloric music of Colombia such as cumbia, bullerengue, porro and champeta and fuse these through electronic tools with contemporary rhythms and cultural styles such as hip hop, house, techno, breakbeat, breakdance, turntablism and live video performance. Thanks to our amigo Colombiano amigo Carlos for the recommendation!

Boogat - Nebuloso

You remember Boogat, the French Canadian Latino emcee that we featured on the blog a few weeks ago...Well, he's back! He hit us up and asked us to help him spread the word about his new mixtape - Esperanto Sound System - a Spanish language Hip Hop project mixed by Poirier, a globetrotting DJ/producer from Boogat's hometown Montreal. We love Boogat's multilingual, multicultural sound - so definitely go grab this FREE DOWNLOAD!

Here's the link for the mixtape and the cover:


Calle 13 - Baile De Los Pobres

Calle 13 is a Reggaeton band formed by stepbrothers René Pérez Joglar and Eduardo José Cabra Martínez, both from San Juan, Puerto Rico. Calle 13 is known for its eclectic musical style, often using unconventional instrumentation in its music, which distances the group from the stereotypical aspects of the Reggaeton genre. The band is also known for its satirical lyrics as well as social commentary about Latin American issues and culture. The stepbrothers are strong supporters of the Puerto Rican independence movement, a stance that has generated a lot of controversy. Calle 13 has won 2 Grammys and 10 Latin Grammys. ¡Viva Puerto Rico! Here's their latest music video....

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