Thursday, February 10, 2011

Les Nubians - Afropean Neo Soul Sisters

We love a family that plays together...and this sister act is one of our favorites!

Originally from Paris, France, Les Nubians, Hélène and Célia Faussart, are sisters with a French father, and a mother from Cameroon. Growing up, the sisters alternated between living in war-torn Chad — where their father was volunteering for the Red Cross while Chad was at war with neighboring Libya — and Bordeaux, France. It was in France where began the duo began singing a cappella, producing poetry slams in Bordeaux and Paris, and singing background vocals for various artists worldwide. From there, they were signed to Virgin Records France in 1998 and released their debut album, Princesses Nubiennes.

They soon received acclaim worldwide. Their song Je Veux D'la Musique from their second album One Step Forward, was nominated for a Grammy, and Les Nubians were the 1999 Soul Train Lady of Soul Awards winners for Best New Artist, Group or Duo and received two NAACP Image Awards nominations in 2000.

Les Nubians are true globalistas. Take, for example, their song Voyager, a song of travel that unites all people. The sisters sing, “Je me déclare citoyenne universelle” ( I am a universal citizen), and “Je m’offre le passeport de Terrien” (I carry an “Earth” passport).


Check out this video of theirs shot in Johannesburg, South Africa - another stamp on Les Nubians Earth passport...

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  1. Great post. These are two of my favorite artist. I'm glad they are still making music together.

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