Friday, July 1, 2011

GD & Top - Seoul to Soul

So by now, we all now about K-Pop....that Korean Pop music that has been taking over the world. Well how about K-R&B...?

Yes, leave it to our favorite Korean heartthrobs, GD & Top, to smooth out the K-Pop sound and take it to a more sexy, soulful place...They sing and rap in both English and Korean over some groovy guitar-laced beats, with a sexy female voice coming in at the end, talking in...French! 3 languages in one tune - that's so GLOBAILE!

The last time we featured GD & Top, it was for their catchy collabo with USA's Diplo - Knock Out (listen to that tune on our podcast). Well, once again they have taken a more Western approach, coming out with a tune with a little more soul than Seoul....

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