Wednesday, January 5, 2011

KPop stars + Diplo deliver a Knock Out

It seems like wherever we go in the world, Diplo is not far behind...

We featured his video from Jamaica, we featured artists he discovered from Brazil and Baltimore USA, and now we're featuring a collaboration he did in Korea. Diplo is so GLOBAILE!

Here is GD & Top - and guess what - we've featured them before too! They are South Korean artists that are part of the larger KPop boy band, Big Bang. We featured Big Bang on the GLOBAILE podcast a few months back...

Well now the boys from Big Bang and our globetrotting hero Diplo have teamed up to bring you their tune Knock Out. The song is crazy catchy and fun, but has been controversial in Korea. The music video for Knock Out has been banned from being performed at 3 of the major broadcasting stations in Korea- KBS, MBC, and SBS. The lyrics to the song are considered inappropriate by these stations. Apparently, the lyrics in question refer to camel toe, and telling someone to shut the f*ck up...

Did we mention Diplo seems to be a magnet for scandal, too?

Anyway - this video is HOT! And we can still watch it on the trusty Internet - so check it out!!

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