Monday, August 16, 2010

Emerging Face of a Nationless World

"I believe that the greatest and most real source of hope that we have today is the fact that the distances that once existed between continents, countries, and cultures is dissapearing; the fact that the people of the world stand closer together than ever before..." - Jie-Song Zhang

More than anything else we have discovered, this short film created by the aforementioned Jie-Song Zhang, clearly illustrates the mission of ¡GLOBAILE! - to bring people of the world together through common interests, specifically music.

In this video, our friends and collaborators in New York City tell their tale of embodying a global attitude. Yalini Dream, a talented dancer/entertainer from Sri Lanka, is one of the featured artists in this video. We showcased Yalini Dream in ¡GLOBAILE! Episode 4 - Spotlight on Asia...check it out!

This film is what the 21st century is ALL ABOUT. Please do yourself a favor and watch the whole thing...Enjoy!

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