Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Navegante - US band with a Latin fusion sound

Meet Navegante - a cutting edge duo of musicians that is redefining music genres with their fusion of many sounds and cultures into one slick style. They recently played a show in New York City that was covered by MTV3. Here's a snippet from their blog:

"Born in the Bronx, to Puerto Rican and Peruvian parents, front man Jean Shepherd was raised in Miami and later Brooklyn. Todas estas influencias son evidentes en la música de Navegante, which finds inspiration in various styles ranging from 70’s salsa, to jazz, hip hop, rock, cumbia, and those heart thumping 808 drums.

He introduced this rhythmic Miami beat to Wash, a Brooklyn native who’s joined him for the past two years in bringing an eclectic and very danceable mix of sounds to the stage.

As far as their lyrics, well, Navegante is all about sharing their perspective on the daily human experience in a multi-cultural society. Algunas veces hablan de superar una dificultad, another song might touch on the life of a single mother, what it means to be in love, or even the recent immigration debate that’s happening with SB 1070. But at the core of it all, solo quieren hacernos bailar"

To read more, check out the full coverage on the MTV3 blog.

Here is a video of Navegante performing live - enjoy!

Navegante @ Celebrate Brooklyn from Derek Beres on Vimeo.

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