Monday, November 22, 2010

Delhi 2 Dublin, from Canada

Bhangra and Celtic fusion...from Canada?! Now that's GLOBAILE!

Meet Delhi 2 Dublin, also known as D2D. They are a super groups of sorts that was formed for a performance at the Vancouver Celtic Festival in 2006, and the performance was such a smash hit, that the group stayed together. Since then D2D has played all over Canada and their self-titled first album reached #3 on the Canadian world music charts.

Their sound is almost like Bollywood meets River Dance - but way more funky and less cheesy than that may seem. In particular, it's the fusion of Irish fiddles with Indian tablas that really gives D2D their unique sound. Add in some electronic break beats and you've got a truly new millennium global sound.

And this video is amazing! It's like a multicolored, multicultural kaleidoscope of funkadelic fusion! Check it out:


  1. was close to opening for them in Canada but the sound system needed to be optimized for their set so they shut it down alone with no need for an opening act. Maybe one day again soon. Bring em to Miami Miss A.

  2. Yo that's DOPE! I am obsessed with this video! Good lookin out Undakova my brutha from anutha :)