Thursday, November 18, 2010

Sri Lanka Hip Hop Fusion

There are some dope world fusion tracks coming out of Sri Lanka - and no, none of them are from M.I.A.

Sri Lanka, known as The Pearl of the Indian Ocean, lies right off the mainland from India, and in the path of major sea routes between West Asia and South East Asia. For this reason, Sri Lanka has become a hub for many different cultures , communities, and ethnic groups - all of which are evident in it's soulful and eclectic music.

We featured an amazing Sri Lankan performance artist Yalini Dream in GLOBAILE Episode 4: Spotlight on Asia doing some funky global fusion with Akim Funk Buddha.

Here is another global fusion track from Sri Lankan artists Samitha Mudunkotuwa featuring Iraj and BK. I love the Indian and American influences fused into the track. The beat is bangin'! Peep it:

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