Wednesday, March 30, 2011

CASMAMENA - From the Bay to the Beach

From Puerto Rico to Brooklyn to Oakland and now to Miami Beach, CASAMENA has taken his deep musical roots and replanted them in some of the most soulful spots in the Western Hemisphere.

Carlos Mena, aka CASAMENA, is a Dominicano music producer and DJ that was born in Puerto Rico and raised in Brooklyn, NY. He has produced music for platinum selling artists Arrested Development, Tre Hardson (The Pharcyde), Osunlade’s Yoruba Records, Vega Records, GotSoul Records, Deeper Soul Records, and Phuture Soul to name a few. He's an equal opportunity DJ, rockin' everything from Hip Hop to House to Latin grooves to Afro rhythms. As long as it's got a little funk and soul, he'll give it a spin. His solo debut Hip-Hop Meditations fuses Afro-Cuban music with Hip Hop and has received wonderful reviews from major Hip Hop publications across the country.

We know CASAMENA primarily from his forays into House music, working with such artists as Ezel, Tamara Wellons, Louie Vega, Osunalde, and Atjazz. His podcast, The CASAMENA Radio Hour has been hugely popular for years, and he also throws jammin events from NY to LA to MIA, including his well-known Bembe party.

Carlos just recently moved from his long-time residence in the Bay Area right here to Miami Beach. We can't wait to see what big things he'll be doing in the Magic City! GLOBAILE was there to capture the sunny and sexy welcome party thrown for him at the Clevelander Rooftop in South Beach...Bienvenidos a Miami CASAMENA!

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