Monday, April 4, 2011

TODAY! - Gruv for Japan - DJs around the world raise funds

By now we are all aware of the devastating impact of the recent earthquake in Japan. With a disaster of such magnitude, sometimes we feel helpless. Looking for a way to provide some sort of relief? Well here's a GREAT one...

Today, April 4, 2011, begins a 26 hour Internet telethon of sorts. Or should we call it a web-a-thon? It's GRUV FOR JAPAN - a live Internet broadcast of mixed sets by some of Global Soul music's most popular DJs from around the world - all brought to you by the music website, Dancegruv. The purpose of this broadcast is to raise awareness and donations for charity, while bringing you some HOT tunes to jam to!

The line-up is stacked with nearly 30 top notch DJs, including sets from heavy hitters like Black Coffee and Boddhi Satva, to rising stars Ivan Diaz, Polyrhythm, and Sabine Blaizin.

To tune in, go to, and click the player located on the top right of the web site. The DJs will also be in Dancegruv’s chat room, so make sure you log in to the chat too! Once you're there, you can also make a donation with a click of the mouse, right on the website.

Need convincing? Here's the message from Dancegruv:
"By simply being grateful for what we have such as our family, friends, health, homes, clothes and food we are given the chance to GIVE that same gift of grace to others…in a show of COMPASSION, one way of doing this is by COMING TOGETHER."

Here's the DJ line-up. For more info, visit the Dancegruv website.

TUESDAY from 12PM - 12AM:
DJ Garth
Salvatore Agrosi
Justin Imperiale
Black Coffee
Max Pela
Frequecies of Offering (Boddhi Satva & Ivan Diaz)
DJ Lunga
Marco Castro
Sabo, Keith Evan, Jose Marquez
Stephen Rigmaiden
Jorge Urdeneta

Keith Ward
Julius TMT
Frank Richards
Bradford James
Ko Kimura
Lady Sol Y mar
Andre Harris
Mario Romay
Marshall Jones
Sabine Blaizin
Dj Buttke
Ian Lee

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