Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Girls' Generation - Korean Girl Power

WARNING: Reading this post may result in a serious case of Yellow Fever.

Meet Girls' Generation - the 9 member Korean KPop girl group. Now prevsiouly we introduced you to Super Junior - the KPop boy band with 13 members. Well, now it's the ladies turn - and Girls' Generation is reppin' for the females! All NINE of them...

Yes, these Koreans don't play when it comes to pop music. You want to see cute girls singing and dancing - here are 9 who all move, smirk, shake, wink, and tease in perfect unison.

We love KPop most of all because of the super bright color palette. The art direction in this video is totally pop technicolor, and the fashion is adorable and fun.

And who doesn't love watching large groups of people dancing to choreography in unison (e.g. Michael Jackson). This video highlights with the world's obsession with American cheerleaders...

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  1. Wow! Thanks to this I now LOVE this band! Thanks for the post, and I'm going to check out the rest of the blog too ;D