Thursday, December 23, 2010

LaFee - Germany's Dark Pop

Another case of good girl gone bad....or rather, child star gone to the dark side...? (hello Ms. Aguilera)

LaFee started out performing on German kids' TV shows at the age of 9, back when she was still Christina Klein. She was then discovered by a big music producer, and released her first album at age 16 with her single Prinzesschen (Little Princess) reaching the top of the German charts.

Then came her first English album and the real LaFee showed up: she went from Little Princess to her next single - Shut Up. Damn! She pulled a Britney/Christina/Rihanna and went for the more edgy, naughty approach. And surprise, surprise - it worked. The success of the 2nd album led her on an international tour through Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Here's the video for her song Beweg Dein Arsch. We love this video because it definitely has a distinctly German flavor. It's gothic and dark while neo-classical yet also poppy...

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