Monday, December 6, 2010

Thai Hip Hop Rock Fusion

If you are looking for the best Hip Hop out of Thailand, then Joey Boy is your man.

Born into a Thai-Chinese family, Joey Boy started listening to hip hop as a 14 years old skateboarder. His real breakthrough as an artist came years later, in 1995, when Joey Boy began collaborating with multi-platinum Canadian reggae artist, Snow.

That's right - Snow - singer of the 90s classic Informer.

In 1995, Joey Boy flew to Toronto to record Fun, Fun, Fun with Snow and the single went on to become one of the top selling singles in Thailand. The video for Fun, Fun, Fun featured Snow and Joey Boy touring Toronto, and in 1997, Joey Boy appeared on Snow's single, Me and Joey.

Since then, Joey Boy has collaborated with, participated in a Thai Rock Opera, made his film debut, and went on to record 9 albums as a rapper and producer.

Here is a dope Hip Hop Rock fusion video where he collaborates with some fellow Thai rappers - the beat is sickkkkkk!!

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