Monday, May 16, 2011

Fauna - Trippy Nu Cumbia from Argentina

The electro cumbia movement has been taking over South America, and now the world. With bands like Bomba Estereo getting worlwide acclaim, the genre is blowing up. Meet 2 pioneers in this exciting scene - Fauna.

Fauna is a musical duo made up of Color Kit (Christian del Negro) and Catar_sys (Federico Rodríguez), both on vocals and beat production. They were amongst the first to define the electro cumbia sound back in their home of Mendoza, Argentina. They released their first album La Manita de Fauna, in 2008 - a project that pushed boundaries while maintaining a playful and fun attitude.

With a hot album on their hands, the duo set off on a busy South American tour through Chile, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuela and Brasil. However, at the end of the tour, in the fall of 2010, tragedy struck and Catar_sys unexpectedly passed away. The future was unclear for Fauna after suffering such an enormous loss, but Color Kit decided to continue what Fauna had started.

Now Fauna is getting ready to drop their long-awaited second album, to be titled Manshines, on ZZK Records. Mixed and produced by Andrés Oddone and Frikstailers, this new album brings not only cumbia, but dubstep and kudoro rhythms as well, taking Fauna's sound further than ever before.

Para mí is the first single off Manshines and its freshly released video has both members of Fauna in it. We love the neon colors and trippy visuals!

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