Monday, May 2, 2011

Fito Blanko - Panamanian-Canadian Cantante

From Panama to Canada and beyond, Fito Blanko represents the international power and reach of Reggaeton.

Fito Blanko has always loved music. At a young age, Fito Blanko immigrated to Canada from Panama, and by the age of 14, he started writing lyrics in both English and Spanish. Writing with the Latin influence and style of his upbringing, Fito released two songs in the summer of 2003, and both songs charted in the Top 25 of the Reggae/Hip-Hop Charts.

He then released his debut album Higher Level in 2004 with longtime production partner, Sensei. The album made a splash, especially in the Latin markets, and Fito went on to release some high profile collaborations, including Darryl Riley's single Tear It Up featuring Beenie Man, and Fito's own song Mambo featuring Drake.

GLOBAILE's Miss Angelina had a chance to stop by the video shoot for one of Fito's biggest, and most recent hits - VIP, featuring Fuego and El Cata. You may know El Cata as the original male vocalist from Shakira's huge hit, Loca. The video was shot in Miami with a luxurious White Party theme, complete with breakdancers, fire breathers, belly dancers and more party madness...! Check out for the video for this one when it comes out - the perfect summer jam!

Here's the video that Fito Blanko shot before the VIP. It's for his single featuring Omari Ferrari, Whine on You. Shot in the jungles of Mexico, this video gives that exotic, tropical feel that Fito brings with his sexy rhythms and smooth vocals. Que rico, Fito!

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