Tuesday, May 17, 2011

TRoy - UK Producer Goes Afro

In every major city in the world, it seems like everyone is being influenced more and more by roots music from Africa, especially when it comes to dance music. With his new release, Bush Meat, TRoy brings us that Afro flavor, with his native London vibes.

After setting up and establishing the UK Hip Hop label Cafe Recordings in 1999, TRoy decided it was time to expand. "I can’t confine myself to one particular genre of music as I have been exposed to so much diversity", and so he went searching deeper into sound by giving birth to his own label, Broadcite, in 2000. The label reflects his broad musical tastes, including his own style of Afrobeat, Hip Hop, Future Funk , Broken Beatz and various forms of Nu Jazz - all of which can be found in his productions.

His music has taken him around the globe, with travels through nearly every continent, and releases in Belgium, Portugal and Italy to name a few. His latest project released under the Broadcite imprint, Bush Meat, reflects the new generation of African rhythms, something that TRoy is calling "AfroTech".

He explains, "Afrotech is a fusion of contemporary African groove and post-modern electronic frequency, the cultural sounds clash to form a harmonic and rhythmic blend, connecting tradition with technology"

This pulsating hybrid, inspired by sounds from South Africa, Nigeria, Ghana, Gambia all with an overt London twist, brings the listener the sound of today's experimental Afro fusion. Here's a video for the single Bobo, featuring Wumni. African style with distinctly London tech elements - an exciting example of cultural fusion taking world music to the next level!

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