Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Kito & Reija Lee - Australian Luvstep

What happens when you mix 2 blonde bombshells with dubstep and pop? You get Luvstep!

Kito & Reija Lee are the new act on the Mad Decent roster. Forever discovering funky weird acts around the globe, Diplo is responsible once again for finding these sexy, odd, and supremely talented ladies and giving them some shine.

Hailing from Australia, Kito and Reija have been friends for over a decade. But only recently have the two begun to collaborate musically. Their first official track together was the tune LFO on Kito’s EP for Skream’s Disfigured Dubz label. Now the delicious duo has been scooped up by Mad Decent and they've released their first official EP Sweet Talk on the trend-setting indie label.

The Mad Decent press release had this to say about their new acquisition: "In a dubstep scene dominated by men, Kito & Reija Lee have managed to bring a decidedly female perspective to the table while staying true to the genre’s roots."

Amen! All Hail Luvstep! And may the entire genre flourish! We like it... :)

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