Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Banda de Turistas - Argentina Rocks!

Psychedelic rock sang in a made up language that qualifies as some sort of surrealistic Spanish...? Yup - retro meets the future in some sort of musical time warp known as Banda de Turistas.

Hailing from Buenos Aires, the Turistas have been a huge presence in the indie rock scene for years now. They recorded heir first album Magico Corazon Radiofonico in 2008. The project was mixed by legendary producer Mario Caldato Jr., famous for working with big time artists like Beastie Boys, Ween, Beck, and Yoko Ono.

After glowing reviews from the Argentina press, including the country's version of Rolling Stone magazine, they released their second album in 2009, The Return, which was mixed and mastered in the famous Abbey Road studios in London.

They've toured extensively in Argentina, Chile, Peru, Mexico, Colombia, Uruguay, and the USA. They're playing a lot of the major festivals too, including SXSW and LAMC, bringing their signature style of rock that manages to recall the past while still sounding futuristic and unique. This video for their song El Rogadero displays that mix perfectly - the footage seems vintage, yet with digitally advanced effects and a psychedelic style that perfectly suits the music of Banda de Turistas.

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