Thursday, April 14, 2011

Hossam Habib - Egyptian Heartthrob

Hossam Habib lives up to his name. Habib means "beloved" in Arabic, and this Egyptian hottie is certainly a beloved national figure, with his smooth voice and smoldering eyes.

Hossam grew up in Egypt with a passion for singing and football (soccer), but never thought he could make a career of either. After his family and friends convinced him to go for singing, he started his career in 2002, with single entitled Men Yomak which was released in a compilation album.

2 years later Hossam Habib launched his first album Lessa, and shot his first music video for the title track off the album.

In 2006, Hossam released his second album, Ajmal Kesset Hob with the Melody Music Group - one of the most popular distributors of Arabic music in the world. He worked with big composers Amr Mostapha and Tamer Ali, and the album was very popular.

Here is a music video for the title track off his most recent album, Gowa El Alb, another release with Melody Music. He brings the traditional vocal styles and rhythms of Arabic music into the 21st century with his electronic beats and contemporary sounds.

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