Thursday, April 21, 2011

Radio Days - Italy's Charming Powerpop

Radio Days is like a new millenium redux of the melodic Beatles sound with a dash of punk and a heavy dose of Italian charisma...buonissimo!

Made up of four Italiani, Radio Days came to be in 2003 as a side project of the Retarded - a popular Italian punk rock band. They were immediately hailed as the premier Powerpop group of Italy, renowned for an energetic and entertaining live show.

They had crossover success with their release of the Midnight Cemetery Rendezvous EP with Insubordination Records of Baltimore, USA. The EP was critically acclaimed and gave Radio Days the chance to play 70 shows around Italy and Europe, playing internationally at big festivals such as Purple Weekend in Leòn, Spain, International Pop Overthrow in Liverpool, UK, Lee Rocks in Firenze and Pop Circus in Milano in Italy.

In march 2010 Radio Days hit the studio to record their second album C'est La Vie, and released the project in Italy and the US later that year, both digitally and on vinyl.

Here is the latest music video from that's hard not to love these guys with their sweet melodies, charming personality, and next-level creativity. Check it out...

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