Monday, April 18, 2011

Imran Khan - Punjabi Flavor From East to West

With his smooth voice and sexy swagger, Imran Khan joins the movement of Punjabi artists fusing their Eastern roots with the Western styles of Hip Hop, R&B, and Dancehall.

Imran Khan was born in Holland to Pakistani parents, and spent his childhood between the 2 countries. With his life split between East and West, Khan became fluent in 4 languages: Punjabi, Urdu, English and Dutch. A gifted singer, Imran started his career in the music business his late teens, at the age of 19 when he signed his first deal with a record label. However, due to managerial and monetary issues, he decided to leave the label.

Khan returned from Pakistan to the Netherlands, continuously looking for the right deal. He signed with several producers and record labels, but none were the right fit, until 2007. Shahid Mazhar founded Prestige Records which released Khan's UK debut smash hit single Ni Nachleh. The single quickly reached number 1 on various UK Asian radio and television channels, and Khan knew had found the right team to work with.

In July 2009, Khan released a new album with his fellow producers Eren E and Hakan Ozan, entitled Unforgettable. This album proved to be his breakthrough project, with the smash hit singles Amplifier and Bewafa which went on to be hugely successful in Asian communities around the world. Unforgettable gained even more success at the UK Asian Music Awards and Khan won "Best Desi Act".

The singer has already started work on his second studio album, due to be released in 2012. During an interview on the BBC, the Khan confirmed that a single is going to be released with T-Pain.

Here's the video for his first hit single, a collaboration with Dancehall artist Lucky. We love the fusion of Punjabi and Jamaican styles - they flow so well together! Check it out...

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