Thursday, April 28, 2011

Omar Offendum - Syrian American Emcee Reps the Middle East

Omar Offendum is a man on a mission: to give the Middle East a powerful voice here in the States.

Born in Saudi Arabia, Omar Offendum is a Syrian-American MC/Producer raised in Washington DC, and now living in Los Angeles. He started out as half of The N.O.M.A.D.S. duo, a pair of Arab and African-American MCs. He went on to co-produce the critically-acclaimed “FREE-THE-P” mixtape, a fundraising effort in support of Palestine. He also participated in “The Arab Summit” project, with Iraqi-Canadian MC The Narcicyst amongst others.

As an educator and speaker, Omar co-authored the “Brooklyn Beats 2 Beirut Streets” performance-lecture, and has been featured on several major news outlets, including BBC, ABC News, and Aljazeera. As an artist-activist, Omar has helped raise thousands of dollars for humanitarian relief organizations, and toured the world to promote his message. Offendum is currently working on his upcoming solo release, “Syriana-americanA”.

Being that he consistently represents 2 cultures - that of the Middle East and of the US - here is a bi-lingual song of his. We love rap in Arabic! Flows so well...check it out!

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