Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Magic System - Feel Good Flavor from the Ivory Coast

From Abidjan, the former capital of the Ivory Coast, this dynamic quartet of singers has in infectious sound that has made them popular from Africa to the Caribbean to Europe.

Magic System specializes in the Zouglou dance style. Zouglou evolved from the university students, written in local languages and French street slang,and has parallels with the evolution of Rap in the States, as well as strong influences from Zouk, a music style from the Caribbean islands of Guadeloupe and Martinique. Magic System is credited with pioneering and popularizing the Zouglou sound in Africa and abroad, especially in France, Belgium, and Switzerland.

They have been featured in the charts throughout Africa (selling over 1.5 million CDs), the West Indies, and in France, where the band became one of the most popular modern African artists. In fact, their song Cherie Coco featuring the popluar French emcee Soprano, is currently #3 on the Urban Charts for Trace TV - a music channel in France similar to MTV.

Here is a music video for their song Zouglou Dance, showcasing their modern, more electronic take on African music...

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