Friday, April 15, 2011

Muthoni the Drummer Queen - Kenyan Lady Rapper

With her rapid flow, hype beats, and unique style, Muthoni the Drummer Queen is reigning supreme as the premier female emcee of Kenya.

Muthoni blends styles as diverse as salsa, kwaito, afro-rock, taarab, rap, poetry and R&B while spitting in a variety of languages including English, Kikuyu and Kiswahili. And with a name like that, she'll even wail on the drums while she's rhyming on the mic. This chick is FIERCE!

She's released 2 albums thus far, Mambo Bado and The Human Condition, with tunes that made it to the top off the charts in Kenya. Now she's in production for her 2nd album, due later this year. There's something about her style that is remniscent of Missy Elliott - that funky, futuristic, female sound...We can't get enough!

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