Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Egyptian songstress - Sandy Star

Move over Cleopatra - there's a new queen in Egypt. And her name is Sandy Star.

Sandy, as she usually goes by, is the new talented pop diva in the Arab music world hailing from Cairo, Egypt. She released her first album Kol Ma Arrab in 2006. Distributed by Star Label, the album included the single Kol Ma Arrab, and put Sandy on the map with her sultry voice and sexy beats.

But it wasn't until 2009 that Sandy really blew up. She achieved her first bonafide hit with Shoftoh W Makalemneish. That single came off of the release of her second album Lessa Soghayarah on the extremely popular Arab label, Melody Music. She is currently working on her new album Ad Eltahady that will also be distributed by Melody Music.

Here is her video for the song Eyak off her latest album. We love the Arabic drums in this riddim, and her voice is so smooth and alluring...She's not too hard on the eyes either... ;)

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