Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Robot Zonda - Argentina's Guerilla Rockers

Robot Zonda is "trying to let flow its feelings and instincts, achieving an original sound different from that dominating the actual musical scene".

At least that's what it says on their website.

But these guys have put their money where their mouth is - and carved out their own unique path in the "actual music scene"...

After getting their start with their first album in Buenos Aires in 2006, Robot Zonda made a splash with the NO TE MATES TOUR ("Don't Kill Yourself" Tour). The band performed a series of live street performances at the gates of several Buenos Aires High Schools to experiment with the freshness of live guerrilla style performances. The Tour consisted of 44 appearances, and had a great impact on the young students who suddenly realized that a rock band was performing live the other side of the street where they were attending classes...BAD ASS!!

You can definitely feel that raw, youthful, nutty energy in this video...but you may also feel yourself slipping into a seizure...you've been warned.

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