Friday, January 21, 2011

EE - Seoul Electro Funk

Now here's a sound coming out of Korea that is definitely NOT K-Pop...

Meet EE - an experimental electronica duo out of Seoul. The crazy creative twosome made up of members E. Hyun Joon and E. Yunjung (hence EE), are pushing the boundaries of art and music to a super artistic level, something they call "Total Art Performance".

E. Yunjung (the female member) says "Because Korean music today is dominated by pop music, there aren’t many chances for indie music to be heard. Hongdae was the only place that the indie scene was happening." And that's where the two met and decided to meld their two worlds of art and music.

EE has recently released an album, Imperfect, I'mperfect and Yunjung goes on to say this about their music in opposotion to the usual sound coming out of Korea: "We were trying to reflect the sad reality of the flawless idol singers and celebrities we see in Korea these days, whose dance movements and lip-syncing must be perfectly timed and are never allowed to get one single note out of tune. We wanted to make a statement that this kind of striving for perfection is bad for music." And EE is doing just that - taking risks and striving to evoke cathartic reactions through thought-provoking, artistic performance.

To read more from their interview, check out In the meantime, to get a taste of their perfectly imperfect electronic art sound, check out this stylish video:

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