Monday, January 17, 2011

Little Dragon - Swedish Puppet Claymation

Why are Swedish singers soooooo good?

We've featured Robyn and Lykke Li - 2 of our faves! And now we bring you another Swedish gem..Little Dragon.

Little Dragon is an electronic band from Gothenburg, Sweden. The group was formed by Swedish-Japanese singer Yukimi Nagano and 3 of her close high school friends. Yukimi would often become frustrated during recording sesions, which earned her the nickname "Little Dragon". And when the band decided on a name to go by, the nickname stuck.

They have released 2 studio albums to much critical acclaim, and collaborated with the Gorillaz on their album Plastic Beach. And they are set to release their 3rd album in the Spring.

Their sound is pretty eclectic, fusing electronic, ambient, ethereal sounds that create their own unique sound. It's like you want to take a bubble bath and dance all at the same time...

And their videos are super original as well. Check out this one - their latest from their most recent album Machine Dreams. It's claymation. No, it's puppetry. No, it's robots.'s all three...

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