Thursday, January 13, 2011

Jolin Tsai - Taiwan's Mandopop Star

Jolin Tsai may be petite, but this Taiwanese pop singer has enough star power to deliver a TKO!

Tsai first broke into the Taiwanese entertainment industry at age 18, winning first place in an MTV singing competition with a cover of the Whitney Houston song The Greatest Love of All. The performance earned her a record deal with Universal Music Taiwan, and the nickname "Teenage Boy Killer". Her debut album sold over 400,000 copies throughout Asia, and was released in multiple formats in several countries.

She released a couple more albums with Universal but started having troubles with the label and with her record sales, and consequently moved to Sony Music. Once she changed labels, her fame sky-rocketed back to the top. Sony changed her look from the student to a sexier young woman. This transformation totally established her as the new Queen of the Pop in the younger generation in Taiwan.

Now 10 albums deep, Tsai is a superstar in Asian countries such as China (including Hong Kong and Taiwan), Malaysia, Singapore, and she has fans worldwide. As of 2010, Tsai was ranked 2nd of all Taiwanese Singers, earning $14.51 million. And she is the top Female Singer earner in Taiwan. Now that's a a lot of power in a petite little frame!

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