Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Teddy Afro - Ethiopian Hip Hop

Ethiopia stand up! Teddy Afro is in the building!

From the capital city Addis Ababa, Teddy Afro has been making a splash in the Ethiopian Hip Hop scene since the release of his second album, Abugida, in 2001.

But it was his third album, Yasteseryal, that has made Teddy Afro legendary. Released in 2005, this album coincided with elevated political tension surrounding Ethiopia's 2005 general election. His politically and socially inspired songs acted as a call for unity and peace, but also made the ruling party in power concerned.

The most popular song and title track of the album, Yasteseryal, claims that there is no real change in Ethiopia and accuses the government of military junta. Consequently the government banned four songs including from playing on radios and TV. However, the album sold more than a million copies within a few months after its release, and become the biggest selling Ethiopian music album to date.

All of that controversy aside, when it comes to the music - Teddy Afro kills it on the mic! Here is one of his less politically motivated fact, this is a straight club banger! We love Teddy's flow, and the Ethiopian dancers are KILLIN IT!

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