Friday, January 28, 2011

Giovanca - Netherlands Neo Soul

The Netherlands is amazing. This wonderful country has given us legal drugs, tulips, Heineken, and now Giovanca - the ravishing and charming model turned soul singer.

After starting out in a modeling career, Giovanca started singing back-up vocals for some of Europe's biggest acts. She soon realized that this was her true calling, and released her first solo album - Subway Silence - inspired by her travel experiences on the subways of Amsterdam, New York, and Paris.

For her second album, While I'm Awake, Giovanca has focused more on travelling within herself. She says "While I’m awake... I realised that I have two lives: a night one and a day one. The resulting fatigue goes deep down in my head and my heart. It gives me an insomniac’s view of the world—and that forms the inspiration for this album.”

Last year she received a Zilveren Harp (Silver Harp), a Dutch award for young artists who "have already made a significant contribution to Dutch music while still having a huge future ahead of them." We agree! We love her style of jazzy R&B, and want to see much more from this soul sister! Check out this video shot in her native Netherlands...

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