Friday, October 1, 2010

FREE Fridays - Miss Angelina live tonight!

It's FREE Fridays. Not only do we have our usual FREE MUSIC FRIDAYS, but this week is also STYLE FREEING FRIDAYS! Whaaaaa?!

First up - Style Freeing Fridays. This is a dope Bboy event with workshops, battles, live performances and dope DJs! Our lovely host, Miss Angelina, will be performing live at Style Freeing Fridays tonight, alongside Miami's fastest rising DJ - Shade. Check out the promo trailer below for more info!

And of course - it's Free Music Friday! Continuing with our love for the Bboys, this week we bring you a free mix from our very own Tony Touch! Toca is an OG Bboy from the Rocksteady Crew and always reps for the True School Hip Hop heads.

Click here to download a free Hip Hop mix with that NYC flava from Hip Hop's glory days...Toca style! Enjoy!

In honor of freestyle, Bboys, and Tony Toca - here is a dope Rocksteady Crew breakdance video from back in the day!

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