Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Puerto Rican Rice and Beans! yummmmmm :)

In continuing our celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month, we present to you one of our favorite features from ¡GLOBAILE! Season 1 - our COOKING SEGMENT!

In Epidoe 6: Spotlight on Puerto Rico, our host Miss Angelina goes into the kitchen with her Grandma to show you how to make some authentic Puerto Rican cuisine!

Here's the play-by-play recap:

Cooking with Abuelita ♥

The key to Puerto Rican cuisine is the Sofrito.

Once the Sofrito is made - add rice!

Voila! Arroz con Gandules! (Rice and Beans)

Add chicken to the Sofrito for Pollo Guisado (Stewed Chicken)

Add ground beef to the Sofrito to stuff Pastelillos (Empanadas)


Getting hungry yet? You can make these scrumptious dishes too - it's easy! To watch Miss A and her abuela in action, and to learn how to make these delicious dishes yourself, CLICK HERE to watch the full length cooking feature!

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