Thursday, October 7, 2010

miss A - a girl group from Korea?!

Now this is some crazy sh*t...

4 Korean girls singing and dancing to a K-Pop Reggaeton beat - named miss A - now if that is not GLOBAILE - I don't know what is!

JYPE brings us another manufactured bubblegum pop group from Korea. JYP Entertainment, a Korean company based in New York City, is considered one of the biggest management companies from South Korea. They "train" artists and put them into branded K-Pop groups such as The Wonder Girls - another girl group that recently completed a tour with the Jonas Brothers. It has been reported that the company is worth in excess of $100 million...

I smell a conspiracy here...a company in NYC happens to create a girl group that is entirely clad in colorful spandex and decides to name them miss A? They must have sent in spies to an NYC Miss Angelina gig - and then manufactured a pop replica! Apparently they have been training these girls for 7 years...

I don't know about all of this, but the wardrobe and art direction in the music video for their song "Breathe" is AWESOME! Even if it is totally contrived - gotta love the K-Pop fashion!! ;-P

Peep it!

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