Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Patito Feo - Ugly Betty meets Glee

You might want to sit down for this - we have shocking news.

MTV is developing a new show...and...(wait for it)...it involves MUSIC. I know, we couldn't believe it either!

Patito Feo is an import from Argentina and it's basically a cross between Ugly Betty (another Latin import) and Glee. Patito Feo (in English, Ugly Duckling) centers on a Mexican teenage girl who moves to Florida with her mother and grandmother only to discover that the reality of high school in America is nothing like she expected when she crosses paths with the Queen Bee and accidentally sets off a war at school.

Like Glee, Patito Feo, has a strong music component. It has become an international phenom since the original Argentine teen drama hit the air in 2007. It ran for 300 episodes, spawned a No.1 soundtrack, a sold-out concert tour and a massive merchandising line. It has been sold in over 32 territories, with half dozen local adaptations in the works. The Mexican version, Atrevete a Soñar (in English, Dare to Dream), ran for 262 episodes on Univision, drawing big ratings.

While it's lame that MTV and other major networks can't just develop their own shows and instead have to continuously rip off existing shows, we are so psyched that MTV is incorporating music back into their programming! Maybe Patito Feo can pave the way for ¡GLOBAILE! to get on air! ;)

Here's a musical number from the show in Argentina: (over 24 million views on YouTube!)

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  1. That is awesome I love Patito Feo but I would have liked it to be on a different channel but I would like to see how it turns out.I hope there isn't anything bad in it.Do you know when it will come out?